Sunset Photo Session on Lake Michigan - Fort Sheridan, IL

Lake Michigan is easy to confuse with an ocean. The clouds were passing especially low on that day, nearly brushing the tops of the trees. 

The sun was about to hide behind the horizon and we could feel an electric storm was approaching. I gazed at the sky one more time before packing my things only to see a cloud lit by a ray of the evening sun, the cloud cast a warm reflection in the water - perfect to create this amazing scene. I asked my client to get into the cold waters of the lake for this beautiful set of once in a life time scenic photographs.

 As we were leaving the beach we saw a huge cloud lighting up with lightning as it covered the sky. Thousands of dragon flies were in the sky very low to the ground creating for an amazing sunset.

Here's the link to the complete portrait Portfolio 

Sergei Zhukov is a Portrait and Family photographer in Chicago IL and New York. Please see the website for more photo sessions and details

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