Business Portrait in Vernon Hills

Business portrait is a great way to promote your business or social media page. An investment in such illustrations brings traffic and recognition to your company. Studio headshots can also be done in your place of business.
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Portrait Studio in Vernon Hills IL,
Available for business portraits on location, corporate office headshots photography.
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Business Portrait, Illustrations for your Website

Today I want to tell you about making images for your new business website. You may need some illustrations to go with the content of your website and having a good quality images that represent your business helps establish your brand and gain trust with your customers.

Business Interview - Recording a Video for Youtube or Facebook

Making a short video or interview for your small business can help your clients find you online or answer some of their concerns about the product your offer. 

 In this post I would like to explain what is involved in small video production for small businesses. 

        Can you do the video yourself or should you contact a professional for this job?

        How much does a short video for small business cost?

        What you can expect.

 Here's a pieces of an email I sent to my client explaining the process:

"Alex, I understand that you have concerns about my video skills and I would like to explain what it takes to produce a short video. Please, read it when you have a chance. I would like to address your concerns regarding any step of the process.   Alex, video production is a complicated process and one simple project takes a lot of steps even when doing it with an iphone (smart phone approach has its uses but is not suitable for our projects):  - Talking to the client and finding out what they are looking for during a meeting - 2 hours  - My research and preparation (depends on the project) 2-3 hours, sometimes days  - Writing the Script for the interview and assigning roles to the employees - 2 hours  - Practicing and Rehearsal (depends on the project and skills of people involved) I know how and can direct people  - Getting my Video, Audio, Stabilization and Lighting gear ready for the project and bringing it the location plus Set Up Time (2 hours)  - PRODUCTION - Recording the interview following the script (45 min to 3 hours)  - Post Production and Montage Assembly of the Audio and Video Recording (1-2 days)  - Proofing the work with the client and making sure everything is to their liking and specks.  - Publishing the Video on Youtube, their Website or FaceBook (1 - 2 hours) All of this takes 3 days start to finish and in a lot of cases even weeks.  Creating a sample ( a small amount of something that is given to people to try) is not an option when I have to do the whole job. I am confident enough to offer money back if the video is not to their standards.  Plus I am making a video showing all the techniques and steps of the process that you can show to your clients as a sample.
  I hope I was able to address some of the concerns you may have. Please let me know if you have questions. I am looking forward to working with you and stay tuned for the sample video.

Sergei Zhukov

Model Portfolio - Studio Photo Session in Mount Prospect, Chicago IL

Studio Photographer in Mount Prospect is available for model portfolio sessions and creating product catalog for your online store. 

Headshot Photographer in Chicago - New Business Profile Photo

A short while ago I was contacted by a local IT Company - Revenue Well, specializing in software development for Dental Practices across the US with a new project. They needed new headshots for their sales team and asked me to be their photographer. We wanted photos to convey professionalism and approachability.
Headshot photographer in Chicago - Sergei Zhukov - Business Headshot -
I picked cinematic style for this series

Business Portrait - Headshot Photographer in Mount Prospect, Chicago

Getting a new profile headshot may be one of the first steps a professional has to make to establish their presence in the local market and gain some recognition. Finding a good headshot photographer to do it right may be a chore. There's a lot of things going on when making a business portrait that sends the right kind of message to your clients or potential employer. 
This headshot of Kate for her new business card as a realtor needed to convey a message of professionalism and openness to the potential customer.