Small Business - Commercial Photographer - Jewelry Photos in Chicago

Photographing images for small business and local producers in Chicago I met Edita a few days ago. Edita makes personalized hand made necklaces and needed them photographed. She was looking for a commercial photographer to help her with this project and found me online.  

You can see Edita work on her pieces in her studio. Each item is unique and has its own character

 We needed to create clean looking photos showing individual properties of each neckless. We ended up with a set of photos on black reflective surface carefully lighting the various patterns of the stones in each necklace.

Sergei Zhukov is a Commercial Photographer in Chicago working with local small and big businesses when it comes to product photography, online and print catalogs, images for billboards, company websites, images for ad campaigns and social media
Sergei Zhukov

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